Welcome to WaveScalpel.com, catamaran development, manufacturing and sailing

Be inspired by german engineering, custom boat design with SolidWorks CAD system, straight forward professional alloy catamaran building, sailing the seven seas on a performance cruising catamaran.

What we do

German engineer with profound sailing background offers sailing on a 18m 57ft cruising catamaran. We can as well design the boat of your dreams with 3D CAD system SolidWorks. The manufacturing according to your custom design could be a matter of several months.

In the strait of Gibraltar


Follow us on a cruise of your dreams and find out about the speed and comfort on a “state of art” bluewater cruising catamaran. Enjoy the nature and playing with the elements.

Development of alloy cruising catamaran


We are modelling in 3D-CAD SolidWorks according your wishes and demands. Special attention is made to the manufacturing aspects and the bluewater performance.

Manufacturing alloy cruising catamaran


WaveScalpel has been built on Crete/Greece


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